Gum Printing with John Brewer



Gum bichromate is a late 19th-century photographic printing process based on the light sensitivity of bichromates (now called dichromates) with colloids, in this case gum arabic. It is capable of rendering both soft painterly images as well as finely detailed images from photographic/inkjet negatives. Gum printing is traditionally a multi-layered printing process building up density, but good results may be obtained from a single coating particularly if using a well crafted digital negative. Any colour can be used for gum printing, so full photographs are also possible by using this technique in multiple layers.

Students will learn how to make digital negatives using Photoshop and will then make gum prints from them.

Tutor information

John Brewer has over 20 years of experience with alternative process and is one of Europe’s forefront experts in the field.  He has conducted a very successful workshop last November on this historic technique.


All materials will be provided.  Students should bring laptops or Macbooks with Photoshop CS2 or higher installed.

Coming dates

To be announced

Details for booking:

Course Cost: £250 for the two days.

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