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On Wet Plate Workshops

Photo: John Brewer

Photo: John Brewer

We’ve seen a small explosion in interest in wet plate recently and more course providers are starting to offer wet plate courses.
Here’s a little check list if you’re wondering how best to choose your wet plate course or if you even need one. 

1. Do I need to attend a workshop?

While wet plate isn’t inherently difficult troubleshooting can be difficult. We would recommend going to a workshop if you can.
Before attending a workshop we would recommend you ask and check with the tutor what will be covered.

2. How many people will attend a workshop?

We teach a maximum of four on my own or six if we are assisted.

3. Will chemistry be covered explaining what each individual component does?

4. Is the workshop two days or longer? 

For example, in our opinion wet plate cannot be learnt in one day.

Here are more factors to consider;

5. Will you get a comprehensive manual so that you can continue on your own?

6. Does the tutor have experience in teaching?

7. Will you get to make images of different sizes?

8. Will the tutor explain the different types of cameras and lenses suitable for wet plate and will you get to try them?

10. Is the tutor a practising wet plate artist?

11. Can the tutor show you his or her work first hand or on a website?

If the answer to any of these is no we would recommend choosing a different workshop… and it just so happens that the highly experienced wet plate artist John Brewer offers workshops at Double Negative!

Photo: John Brewer

Photo: John Brewer

Photo: John Brewer at Double Negative Darkrooms

Photo: John Brewer at Double Negative Darkroom