16mm film and DIY printing and processing with David Leister and Bea Haut



The  workshop is an exploration of 16mm film imagery produced without the aid of a camera, by working photographically directly onto the surface of the film. 16mm print stock is a light sensitive material receptive to light and shadow in the same way as stills photographic material.

By exposing the surface to light in a controlled red safelight dark room setting, light and shadow can be put to movement on this surface. Using found materials ranging from foliage, feathers, salt and pepper to pins, pasta, and textured glass, ….. Shadows are exposed onto the surface of the print stock, which is then hand developed in the darkroom. Any transparent or semi transparent object through which light can be transmitted can be used for the project. This is essentially ‘photogramming’,  a technique used since the beginning of photography by artist’s such as Man Ray and Lazlo Moholy-Nagy.

The course fee includes 2 full days of teaching as well as 2 full weeks of darkroom access between the course dates to work on your own project. All students’ works will be screened in October.

For a comprehensive description of the course please check our site.

Tutor information:

David Leister  is a filmmaker and performance artist who has lived and worked in London, UK since 1979. Taking references from a photographic background, his films explore the diversity of the 16mm medium with the use of hand processing, photograms, archive and performance. His recent body of works reflects on his photographic heritage, and pays close attention to a more personal space and history. Many of his films are available from LUX distribution. Recent screenings and performances include BFI London Film Festival, Rotterdam Film Festival, Osnabruck EMAF, Media City, Flatpack Festival, and an upcoming artist’s presentation at the ICA in London. He is host and projectionist of the Kino Club, and has collaborated on artist run projects such as Analogue Recurring and One Hundred Foot.


Bea Haut an artist who works primarily with 16mm film, extending boundaries into sculpture, installation, photography and printmaking. Interested in the material and the indexical she works with matter of the everyday and a DIY approach is essential. She produces Analogue Recurring with David Leister, an analogue only film screening event at Lo & Behold, including the first Pop Up 35mm film screening showcasing artist‘s DIY, cameraless’35mm films.

Coming dates:

To be announced

Details for booking:

To book email: workshops@dndr.org.uk

Course Cost: £350

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