Bespoke Darkroom courses with Sebastian Sussmann

Bespoke darkroom courses for any level

Groups from 1 -5 people and school and charity groups

contact Seb at for more info

Example Tuition topics include

Processing black and white film



large format sheet film

Processing and contacts

positive processing (making B&W slides)


Experimental colour processing

Bleach bypass, Cross processing (Xpro)

Reversal Cross processing (XXpro)

Neg making for alternative processes

Analogue interpositives

enlarged negatives for alt process

From Neg to enlarged neg

From b&W positive to enlrged neg

Direct alt process negs from large format

Medium and large format photography

Using medium format cameras

Introduction to Large format

Shooting large format in Urban situations


Analogue pinhole

Digital DSLR pinhole


Alternative photography

Slit screen for 35mm

3d Analogue with stereoscopic camera

3D analogue with 35mm, medium or large format


Darkroom technique B&W

Basic RC printing

Printing on fibre paper

Split grading

Flashing and other advanced techniques

mixing your own developers (intro to alchemy)

Fine art printing basics


Split toning

Bleach and redevelop

Lith Printing

Intro to Lith Printing

Advanced lith printing techniques

Toning lith prints

Chromoskedasic printing basics


Alt process

Cyanotype – Basic

Cyanotype – Rex, herschelite

Cyanotype – Bleaching and toning

Van dyke brown

Salt printing

Albumen printing

Gum printing – single layer

Gum printing – Multi layer

Liquid emulsion – paper

Liquid emulsion – Fabric

Liquid emulsion – Glass perspex

Liquid emulsion – Alternative surfaces




Lumen prints

Photo Batik

Cliche Verre (intro)



Private Tuition Price list for 1-1 Please enquire for larger groups

Hours DNDR Prices Other London course providers You save
1 hr 50.00 N/A
2 hrs 95.00 169.00 74.00
  3hrs 135.00 229.00 94.00
  4hrs 175.00 299.00 124.00
  5hrs 215.00 375.00 160.00
  6hrs 250.00 449.00 199.00
Full day 310.00 525.00 215.00


One thought on “Bespoke Darkroom courses with Sebastian Sussmann

  1. ernst schlogelhofer

    After the general darkroom course with Seb I got hooked and decided to go a step further with a one day bespoke darkroom course with Seb Sussman. The experience has helped my photography enourrmously (I hope) no honestly its just great to experience this part of the analogue process it does change the way you will take photos … I was always facinated by giants of photography, such as W. Eugene Smith for example, who in their writing about photography emphasize the importance of the darkroom in arriving at a “photograph” rather than a “picture”, “shot” or “snap” … Seb, in his teaching, offers a great balance between letting you get on with it and being there to help and to give advice. I think there is simply no question about darkroom processes that you cannot throw at Seb – he will be able to give you an instant answer. The set-up at Glyn-Road is ideal for such courses, there is a nice court yard to have theoretical discussions, there is a little gallery with photographs from his clients, friends and previous students and Seb got everything there – the infrastructure can support developping film, prnting, drying etc.; he is not protective of his kit and you can just dive in and muck about as much as you like, BUT don’t open the door when developping is in progress – afterall its a darkroom. I am hooked and I will be back for more … I am now aiming for exhibition level prints … see you there, Ernst.


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