Adventures in Polaroid With Rhiannon Adam

Rhiannon Adam

Rhiannon Adam


The course will be a masterclass in Polaroid manipulation and creative techniques. To begin with, we’ll cover the types of Polaroid camera and films available – advantages and disadvantages of each and what to look for when buying your own.

We’ll then through the basic camera functions and physical attributes of the cameras that are open to manipulation, pitfalls, and tips.

To kick off the day, we’ll all be going on a short Polaroid walk in the local area, gathering material to work with later on.

The course will cover:

Polaroid emulsion lifts with Polaroid and Impossible Project film
Image transfers
Transparencies with Impossible Project film
Light Painting with Polaroid cameras
Multiple Exposures with Polaroid and Impossible Project images
Cartridge manipulations
Physical image manipulation with Impossible Project film


Tutor Information:

Rhiannon Adam works with a wide range of image making methods primarily concerned with degradation of instant film materials in the digital age.

Rhiannon exhibits and teaches internationally. She has received several awards  and she also publishes photography books under the name Lost Cat. The first title, Kevin Griffin’s Omey Island: Last Man Standingwas released in 2013.


Participants will be able to borrow cameras, and a limited supply of film will be available for use. If you have a Polaroid camera of your own, you are encouraged to bring it. Explanation sheets for each activity will be offered for you to take away.

Next date:

New dates coming soon

Details for booking:

Course Cost: £150

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2 thoughts on “Adventures in Polaroid With Rhiannon Adam

  1. Pablo Boyero

    This workshop will take you to the place where chemistry, crafts and photography meet. A trip through all the different types of cameras and other old fashioned devices that used to be part of any Polaroid photographer gear. Thanks to Rhiannon you will realize that a Polaroid picture has much more in the inside than what you’d expect. And yet you’ll soon find yourself uncovering and manipulating the different parts of them. Highly recommended to everyone keen to learn more about the amazing world of the instant cameras, whether you have shoot Polaroid cameras before or not.

  2. Miriam Nabarro

    A brilliantly insightful hands-on course guiding you through the myriad possibilities polaroid… Thank you Rhiannon and Seb and double negative: another brilliant course
    Viva Analogue!


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