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Smartphone to cyanotype workshop

Smartphone to cyanotype workshop 
On the 30th of August artist and DNDR Project Unit researcher Tina Rowe, ran a test workshop to print images taken with smartphones on cyanotypes. See below some images of this translational process between digital and analogue technologies.

Smartphone to cyanotype workshop- DNDR   Smartphone to cyanotype workshop- DNDR  Smartphone to cyanotype workshop- DNDRSmartphone to cyanotype workshop- DNDR Smartphone to cyanotype workshop- DNDR Smartphone to cyanotype workshop- DNDR


Visitors of the DNDR Spring Salon 2014 chose Sara Moralo as their favourite artist, so as promised we have interviewed her… Congratulations Sara !

When did you start working with photography and why?
I started working with photography and video when I was a teenager. My father has always been passionate about photography, and I started borrowing his camera. Later at university, I acquired a more professional knowledge of it.
I’ve always had an interest in visual culture, especially in photography and video, and how images represent and shape our perceptions of things within our society.

Is your artwork related to any specific subject area? 
Informed by queer and feminist theory, my work explores the performativity and fluidity of gender and deals with issues concerning sexuality and identity. I examine the concepts of masculinity and femininity as social constructions; and try to offer new possibilities of gender construction and the shaping of identities.

Is this photograph part of a new photographic project? / Are you currently working on a particular project?
Yes, I am starting a new project about the politics of the female body. Female nakedness has been dominantly represented in passive, languid and over sexualised positions. I am interested in subversive representations of the female body as active, strong and empowered; representations that politically challenge normative and socially expected gender performances.
I considered it key to start this project with a self-representation –the photograph at the exhibition– for two main reasons: Firstly, I wanted to claim my political right to represent my body the way I want. I also wanted to break with any kind of power relation that can be created between me as photographer and my other subjects, by exposing myself in front of the camera before I ask them to do the same.

What was your last project, is it related to the current project?
My last project, still ongoing, is At twelve s/he cut hir hair, in which I explore gender identities as processes of construction. Through the parallel use of childhood and current images of several female to male transgender subjects, this work aims to create a narrative that opens up wider understandings of gender beyond the binary concept of male and female.
It is related to the new project in the sense that it also deals with issues related to gender, sexuality and the politics of the body, but the approach is different.

Any future plans?
I would like to soon start a video project that plays with the idea of what is considered pornographic and not in society, as well as the limits between pornography and art. Also I want to finish the two projects I’m working on at the moment. So we’ll see what the future brings.

To see more of Sara Moralo’s work click here




Double Negative Darkroom Spring Salon 2014

Double Negative Darkroom Spring Salon 2014

Double Negative Darkroom is pleased to present their annual salon exhibition.
The show will display and celebrate the diverse analogue work produced by DNDR
members, tutors and friends over the last year, including works by Rhiannon Adam,
John Brewer, Miriam Nabarro, Douglas Nicolson, Scarlett Pimlott-Brown , Almudena
Romero, Tina Rowe and Sebastian Sussmann, among others.

Double Negative Dark Room constantly endeavours to search for alternative
photography ideas and processes. Based in East London, it is a budding independent
photographic community, lab, studio and gallery. From humble beginnings in 2009 it is
fast becoming a European centre for alternative photographic and silver gelatin practice,
research, teaching and learning.

The private view will take place at Double Negative Darkroom’s gallery on 10th May at
7pm, featuring performances and installations to mark the opening of this exhibition.
Food and drinks will be available, including live acts and Hackney’s smallest bar.

There will also be open studios at the Glyn Road premises on the following dates:
Thursday 8th May (7.30pm-10pm), Friday 9th May (10am-3pm) and Saturday 10th May

DNDR will also run a tintype portrait session and chill-out day on Sunday 11th May.

The exhibition will be open until 15th June. Throughout the show we will run a people’s
choice award, where members of the public will have the opportunity to vote for their
favourite piece(s) or artist(s). All votes will be submitted to a raffle and we will be
rewarding some photographic prizes to winners