DNDR Art Licks Weekend

DNDR Art Licks Weekend


DNDR Art Licks Weekend

DNDR will be hosting Mean Time collective during the Art Licks Weekend 3rd to 5th October. Through the combination of an exhibition and workshop activities, the participants will be introduced to some of the artistic tendencies in regards to the lens based medium and an emphasis will be given to the understanding o the motivation and processes that underpin contemporary art photography practice, foregrounding the ideas before going on to consider their visual outcomes.

The workshops will take place at Double Negative Dark Room on Saturday the 4th & Sunday the 5th of October and they will be FREE!!!

Booking required for the workshops. Please email at : mean.time.info@gmail.com

Exhibition opening:
Thursday, 6–9pm
Friday to Sunday, 12–6pm

Join our event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/921672137847338/

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