New Digilogue printing service at DNDR

We are pleased to announce a new fine art black and white wet (darkroom) print service for
digital photographers at DNDR. We’re calling it Digilogue* printing.

Double Negative Dark Room has, since its inception, been at the forefront of the analogue and hand process revival.

We were the first London teaching space to offer regular wet plate collodion workshops and we’re proud to be one of the first labs to be offering not just the quality and feel of silver gelatin fine art print but actually a silver gelatin print for digital photographers.

Whether you shoot with an HD DSLR or an iphone, we strongly believe that the best quality monochrome print can only be achieved with a wet darkroom print.

We believe a silver gelatin darkroom print gives you the deepest blacks, the best tonal ranges and optimum, proven archival stability. We believe the only rival for a high end silver gelatin fine art print is a professional platinum print.

This is how we do it;

We transfer your high res digital image (from any source material – so you can also reneg old or hard to print negatives) onto fine grain film Using our new CCG PCR4 film writer. We can make a general purpose negative or further calibrate it for printing technique or paper type.

This gives you the possibility of firstly:

• A fine grain, archivally stable 35mm silver negative of your image. This is for your image archive, future prints or a last resort back-up.
You may also choose to take up the option of a comprehensive analogue archive for your entire archive or your most important images. The analogue archive offers the digital photographer the security and stability of a medium proven to be archivally stable for 150 years as well as the peace of mind that their image data will always remain in a format that can be read or printed.

And secondly;

• A print or edition of hand-made wet darkroom prints. We can work with any silver technique. Fine art darkroom printing is always a collaborative act between photographer and printer. Together they should decide upon paper type, toning and printing technique. with Digilogue negatives we can fine tune the negative to work with any paper type or technique. This may be multigrade or graded fiber paper, liquid emulsion on paper or glass or fabric, a lith print on vintage paper, maybe a series of darkroom printed wet plates on aluminium. We can work with any silver process as well as a selection of alternative processes.

please contact Seb – or Kentaro – for more info or an information pack

*Apparently Digilogue is also an obscure british avant garde music record from ’98 and a mind theory from a Swedish futurist.

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